Wake Up & Dream Big

I’m excited about this new year. I happen to love the start of a fresh year- for me it’s always been a time for new beginnings. Each year I start by writing down things in my prayer journal that I would like to accomplish over the next 12 months. I scan through my list periodically throughout the year and smile at the things I’ve accomplished and get reminded of the things I’ve forgotten about. But this year I’ve done something a little different. I still made a list in my prayer journal but I’ve also been inspired to create my first vision board.

On Christmas day my guys surprised me with a cork board for my office- and  that is what gave me the inspiration to create my vision board. My sweet husband hung it up on the wall perfectly centered in front of my desk and computer. I love how it is front of my face every day for my eyes to see, my brain to stimulate and my hands to do. Since I’m such a visual person it will continually inspire me each day to pursue what God has placed in my heart. I’m excited to add things to my vision board as the Lord reveals new things to me- things that excite me, burn within, things that I get passionate about. Ideas, scriptures, quotes, dreams.

I was not put on this earth to just exist and neither were you. We were put here to inspire- be inspired and inspire others. Jesus has put a burning desire in my heart to inspire women in their fitness journey and more importantly; in their walk with Jesus. Each and every day should be sparked with purpose. Together let’s dream big, pray bigger and do something each day that brings us closer to our purposes and dreams.




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