Early one morning I was on my walk just praying and talking with the Lord. I was specifically talking to Him about my lack of self-discipline in some areas of my life. While I was walking and talking the Lord lead me to Leviticus 11:44 “Be holy because I am holy.” Thus the words “Holy Discipline”.  I was like- WOW! I really like the sound of that. But, what is it? As I continued on my walk I was flooded with these short sentences. I was afraid I would forget so I immediately stopped and pulled out my phone to take notes. Here is my personal definition of a woman with Holy Discipline:

A woman with holy discipline seeks Truth.

She will discipline herself in knowing the Gospel

And spending time in the presence of Christ.

She will allow the Holy Spirits convictions.

She is quick to repent

And obedient to her calling.

She sets her eyes on the things above.

She takes every thought captive.

She does not put her faith in temporary motivation nor does she rely on her own abilities or willpower,

Her faith is in Christ, and Christ alone.

She finds her strength in Jesus.

She does not do these things because it is required of her for her salvation. She does these things because of her salvation.

Self-Awareness Questions:

Am I spending more time on social media than in the presence of God and in His Word?

Am I investing the provisions that God has given me in people or just on my family and myself?

Am I pursing wisdom online or from God’s Word?

Am I eating and drinking to nourish my body or to satisfy my flesh?

Am I bringing all of my cares and worries and laying them at the feet of Christ or am I finding comfort in food?

Am I allowing the Holy Spirit to convict me of things that need changed in my heart or am I too busy being busy to hear the Holy Spirit?

Am I allowing Jesus to show me where I need self-discipline in my life or am I calling all the shots?


One thought on “What Does A Woman with Holy Discipline Look Like?

  1. I simply love your blogs and your work!! I just started blogging about a week ago and you’re so inspiring and motivating! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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