My Portion, My Provision- He is Enough!

  “The Lord is my portion, therefore I will put my hope in Him.” Lam 3:24 For me a healthy lifestyle was not at all encouraged growing up- mostly due to the lack of knowledge and money. I lived on highly processed and fast foods. I recall eating vegetables and fruit mostly at school and … Continue reading My Portion, My Provision- He is Enough!



I am what people in the fitness industry call a, yo-yo dieter. Yes, ME. If left to my own devices, I would be on a different diet and workout regimen each week. There have been times that I didn’t even wait for the week to end before switching over to something else. After I was … Continue reading ALL FOR THE WRONG REASONS

Turkey Meatballs

Who doesn't love a good meatball? Not only are these delicious, but they are super easy to make and I really appreciate the convenience of these little guys. This recipe holds the magic ingredient to making turkey moist and juicy. To see how I make them check out my recipe below. Ingredients: Lean ground turkey … Continue reading Turkey Meatballs